WANTED: Podcast Sponsors!


As you probably know, The Worldly Marketer Podcast is my weekly audio show about global marketing topics aimed at business owners and marketers who are looking for a more international perspective. At the time of writing this, I’ve published 77 episodes and featured a wide variety of experts.

What you may not know is that, so far, I’ve been producing the show entirely on my own. When I say, in the show intro, that The Worldly Marketer Podcast is brought to you by Verbaccino, I’m referring to myself – a one-person marketing consultancy.

As a first-time podcaster, it’s been a steep learning curve, to say the least. Week after week, though, I’ve been improving my skills, and I’ve found that I really enjoy the whole production process. I’ve also been getting some wonderful feedback from my guests as well as my listeners, and that’s been a huge source of encouragement for me to keep going.

My biggest challenge now is quite simply the time commitment. Putting out a weekly podcast is a LOT of work. And since I don’t outsource any of the pre- or post-production work (yet), it takes up a significant amount of my own time each week – time that I’m not spending on lead-generation activities or client projects for Verbaccino. From a business point of view, that’s just not sustainable.

So one of two things will need to happen in the foreseeable future: either I start outsourcing at least some of the production work, or I turn it into a paid project for myself. Either way, I need to start monetizing the podcast, and that means finding some good sponsors.

Yes, my podcast audience is very “niche”, as they say. But it’s also a very motivated audience, and for the right sponsors, this could be a great opportunity.

So ask yourself: does your organization’s target clientele overlap with my target audience? Or do you know someone whose product or service would be a good fit?

If so, I’d love to hear from you!

You can connect with me via the Contact page on this website.



Kathrin Bussmann

Head of Verbaccino

Producer & Host of The Worldly Marketer Podcast